AlgorIthmic trading


The Dalwyn®Trader platform empowers professionals in the European energy markets with a highly effective tool to automate the execution of their proprietary trading strategies. It has been developed by industry experts to deliver a low-latency, reliable and scalable solution.


Key Features

Key Features

Develop strategies
Code trading strategies in any common programming language
Use our simulation environment to test the same codebase that you use to trade
Determine optimal parameter settings for your strategies
Automated execution across multiple time horizons, instruments and asset classes
Stay in control through a configurable real-time user interface with intuitive charts and blotters

Feature Rich

Multiple strategies

The platform is powered by a complex event processing engine that simultaneously runs real-time events through multiple strategies and routes orders accordingly.

Single code

Seamlessly switch between back-testing and live trading using a model you develop only once for speed, accuracy and reliability.

Any data feed

Power your strategies with the data feeds of your choice. Our Data Gateway will connect to any source that provides an API.

Multiple venues

Trade the instrument and asset class of your choice at whichever venue you prefer through our Trade Gateway.


Deploy your strategies on your own server and connect them to the DalwynTrader platform through our secure ZeroMQ API.

Guru Support

Our team will be there for help your company grow. You can count with our knowledge in the industry and developer skills.

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