Digitising energy markets

At Dalwyn, we develop technology that helps energy companies digitise their businesses. With our cloud-based software, automated transaction execution, real-time analysis, and improved margins become a reality.

Algorithmic trading


A flexible, scalable and secure way to test and execute algorithmic trading in the European energy markets.

Our powerful, low latency, hosted platform is quick to deploy. It comes with a customisable web interface and can be integrated with your existing systems using our flexible APIs.

Case studies


Move your data where you want, how you want, when you want.

You can use the pre-built connections to some of the energy industries most used systems, allowing you to start flowing data between services in a matter of hours.

We can also build connections to any other systems that your business might use.

About Dalwyn

We work to eliminate the inefficiencies and frictions caused by dated technology in energy markets. As veterans with a background in energy markets, financial trading and consultancy, we recognise the value of automation.

We build solutions that handle systematic and complex  daily tasks, allowing our clients to focus on new value adding activities to increase their profitability and gain a competitive edge.

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95% hours saved on systematic transaction execution
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Of the cost vs an internal algorithmic trading development
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X3 faster implementation versus an average internal platform development